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When life is suddenly upended by a fire, flood, hurricane or other disaster. 

Crown Restoration is your Florida remediation and restoration specialist. We work to salvage your treasures, document your damage and work with your insurance company to help get your life back on track fast. 

Our Services

Loss/Damage Assessment

 Even after the disaster has been contained, risks to your health and safety remain. Act quickly.

Home Building

 We keep costs low and quality high. Our priority is to deliver extraordinary value that fits your budget and lifestyle.


 Considering a modest home improvement? A complete remodeling overhaul? Schedule a consultation today.

Estimating Services

 We provide comprehensive damage cost analysis and able to work closely with your attorney or claims adjuster.

We provide a complete loss/damage evaluation and prepare all material that you, your adjuster or attorney may need for your claim.

On-Site Inspections

Advanced Technology

Comprehensive Cost Analysis

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