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Crown Property and Restoration

Since 2007, Crown Restoration has been helping Floridians get back to living their lives. Our emergency-response team of rebuilding professionals sees to it you quickly recover from a disaster of any size. Clean-ups and clear-outs are our specialty. We restore damaged areas of your home and, whenever possible, to your personal items and furnishings. 


Just as important, we advocate on your behalf with your insurance company. We can negotiate the best settlement because of our property claims adjuster accreditation.

Our Process



We do an on-site inspection, noting any hazards that need immediate attention. We discuss recommendations, timeframe and fees. We take as much time is needed AT NO COST to determine what happened, and assess the best course of action. We will answer any questions you will have at this awful time.



Building materials get separated from personal property. We discard any hazardous material and building material, and set aside personal property for documentation. Every item gets photographed and priced, then protected for inspection later. We communicate results with you, your attorney and/or claims adjuster.



We address the cause of damage (fire, water, mold) and protect the structure from any further damage. We assist you in presenting a claim and contacting insurance carrier prior to rebuild. We then meet with adjuster, discuss all that is necessary to bring property back to pre-loss condition, and agree on scope of work.



After we agree on color schemes, styles, finishes and anything else needed, we begin the process of finishing your home, bringing it back to the way it was, and hopefully better, so that you can reclaim your life.

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