Frequently asked questions

How much will this cost?

We charge hourly. Minimum applies, plus expenses. Expenses typically include dumpsters. This will all be discussed when we meet. No one likes surprises!

What happens next?

Upon being hired, we evaluate the site, make note of any unsafe areas, and schedule a day to begin.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to complete good job depends on the amount of damage to the structure, the amount of contents in the structure, the degree of damage to the contents, accessibility, etc. Your typical 3-bedroom, 2-bath home is done in approximately 2 weeks.

What happens when the job is complete?

Your structure is clean and free of all debris, safe for the next step, which is inspecting and estimating. We give you, your adjuster, or your attorney a detailed comprehensive list of your entire damaged personal property with value attached per item.

Who pays for this service?

Typically, if you are presenting it for a claim, your insurance company would pay. If it's a straight clean-out, typically the homeowner would pay direct.

Do I have to use you to rebuild my house?

No, the demo, partial demo, and clean-out are the first steps in this process. If you choose not to rebuild or to choose another contractor to rebuild, that is entirely up to you.

Do you estimate the structure also?

Yes, we can estimate the structure also. However, the structural estimate is separate from the personal property portion.